Game 5 from the Continental Chess Open

Aug 17, 2014, 7:02 PM |

Game 5 started the next day after my other 4 games, so I had time to rest and rejuvenate myself. From yesterday, my first game started at 10am and my last one finished after 9:30pm... it was a very long day. Only myself and one other player had 4/4 going into the 5th round.

Malachi, the beast himself, who won 5-0-0 in his last tournament in Sturbridge was waiting for me to arrive at the table. This guy, like me, was underrated for his uscf rating. So his 1699 rating was not something to take at face value, neither was my 1532. There was a ton of pressure on both of us to win this game. If either of us would win, we would automatically have a share at 1st place, even if we lost the next game. The next players that were behind us in the standings had 3/4. 

So what will happen? Will the Greek mythical legend wannabe stand a chance against the tactical and fearless Malachi? Stay tuned..