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Achilles vs. a Blindfolded Grandmaster!

Jan 17, 2013, 7:22 PM 16

Hello everyone and welcome to my first chess.com blog! Yesterday, chess.com hosted an event live on chess.com/tv featuring a very strong Grandmaster, Timur Gareev, who has a fide rating of 2680 and is ranked #3 in the US and 81st in the world if I am not mistaken. However, he was playing blindfolded using chess.com's recent feature which enables you, or should I say disables you from seeing the pieces on your board! He played blindfolded against myself and 5 other opponents on live chess, preparing for a future exhibition against 64 opponents!

So anyway, here's my game against Timur which includes some of my thoughts on the moves. I'm proud to say I was 1 of 2 opponents that managed to win against him, but remember this was blindfolded and he is a much stronger player than I am.

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