In the haunted house Balavarret

Oct 20, 2009, 1:56 AM |

Yes, was killed in response to a letter from heaven commanded me to kill him!!
These are the words spoken by a young agricultural engineer Mustafa Salah El-Din all chilled to justify the slaughter of his elder brother, Mohammed "29 years" electrical engineer after his hysterics after an altercation between them.
Matt "Mohammed" the young man who was over the age of thirty-year-old, who was regarded as a bond to the family breadwinner and became lost in the neck three brothers and mother are not powerless.
Matt "Mohammed" the engineer, who saw his colleagues and his neighbors good character and biography of good and bear the responsibility and the preference of brothers on the same .. Matt "groom" which was lost in a moment of anger before his wedding a month because of hallucinations at the top of his brother, who has been affected by the many demonic jinn and read books about demons and sorcery, leaving behind a "fiancee" broken psychologically.
Strange facts and events beyond imagination .. Mother in her heart bruised by anthrax fire would not ease her punishment after the fact caught between the killer and the victim and her sons, both claimed the larger and smaller Matt lost his future.
More than a quarter of an hour passed Keldahr the people of the victim and the offender at the same time at the insistence of the killer held inside the apartment and charging beat them in a state of hysterical and threatened to slaughter did not respond to the order after wearing the devil.
Between two fires
Massacre ended the arrival of the police .. Everything collapsed leaving only frustration and pain which is beyond description, or between two fires I do not believe they live is a reality and must coexist with Fmasalt believes that "Mohammed" is alive and they will awake from a nightmare soon.
"Tears of Penitence" present at the crime scene and spotted the ugly incident in an attempt to answer many questions, including:
Why they killed his brother Mustafa?!
Do you really been affected by the devil?!
What are the facts of crime and how the FBI was able to break into a flat panic?!
Entered the real estate located in the Ibn Al-Rashid Brod vulva and the first thing that draws attention is the voice of Saad, reading the Koran in the radio within the scene of the crime without the presence of one in which the parents could no longer presence after the incident regrettable and hung on the door of the Holy Qur'an, banners of all sizes.
We thought that the people of the victim and placed a kind of compassion and patience for what happened but the fact of the matter revealed to us when the neighbors told us that Senators are placed and also have bleaching apartment because it was filled with Balohjbp and charm necklaces, engraved on the walls DBR pounds was the killer had written before the accident!
Abeer Jamil "45 years" housewife and neighbor folks victim and the offender for more than twenty-five years he was a committed personality known for his good moral character and biography, and since his father died, which has one of the supermarkets, "RUBBER" has decided to take responsibility and work in the shop next to his study of engineering Even reliable family and take responsibility for his three brothers.
Adds that the day of the incident we woke up at around nine in the morning to the cries of distress "Umm Mohammed" and her youngest daughter Vtugena to the apartment door and tried to open it but that the killer had been sealed off from home and to refuse entry to anyone but the police kept shouting that someone jumped from the balcony and killed his brother at a time when the mother's cry for help for fear of being killed by his younger sister, is like his brother, who shed blood without mercy.
Complement contacted the Police Department, Rod El-Farag was attended by detectives and make sure when they arrived to open the door quickly and attract one of the officers to the home and tried to be understanding with him by surprise and he opened the door to his colleagues, who arrested him.
She came out of our neighbor "Umm Mohammed" in dire straits and could not speak of fear and panic that has been hit by the stray for some time and if the mind does not realize that what really happened but it quickly broke down when she saw "Mohammed" soaked in blood and assured them of all the news of his death.
Says "fragrance" at us, astonished if it did not expect that Mustafa could reach the point of murder has been committed to a young man throughout his life and nearly three years conditions have changed completely when he identified the drug route and after the incursion in reading books about the jinn and demons and how to prepare them and servitude and began slowly in the tradition of what he reads in those books and became eccentric in one time brought a cat from the street and proceeded to Mcacksthm even Iqmn "Boukrbsth" because one of the magic books he owned, she said that in addition to writing the words of a frightening and suspicious Caomat on the walls of his room, making for dissociated Mohammed during sleep after feeling that it has become abnormal.
She added that his family did not stand idly by, but subjected him to doctors and the elderly but he was refusing treatment, even when his condition improved under the pretext that he wanted to enter the world of demons and control but it is obvious that they took on his mind and made him kill his brother, only without mercy.
Adds that during the past two years had been acquainted with one of the girls and married her by force from his wife and five days before the incident brought to live with them and began to cause countless problems with his brothers and encroachment on his mother's beatings and quiet about his family life into an unbearable hell.
She added, "fragrance" by accident one day and began to commit follies of wrongdoing such as writing the Qur'an to the contrary, in addition to the carpet burning of the Koran and read the verses out loud in the bathroom and climbed to the roof of his house and began to speak like hallucinations and with other people.
Enter into the modern Osama Mahmoud "50 years" Employee transportation is one of the bodies other neighbor and a witness to this tragedy and family say I'm their neighbor for more than twenty-five years and bear witness to the people of good character and that his brother has been affected with demonic magic books that were read, although we warned him of the read and incursions but that he had a desire to control the demons who took it and became committed acts of abusing a religion and write Caomat myths and enter into disputes and quarrels with his brothers over the most trivial reasons and that the day of the incident state of terror at us, we thought it would kill his mother and sister as well.
And hold "fragrance" Once again, the parties to talk and say when I went out and his mother from the apartment and after that we Hdonaha recounted the facts and she woke up the sound of a fight and when I got to the room, "Mohammed," I heard strange sounds and when he opened the door to Mustafa, panicking at the sight of blood dispersed I asked him that was slaughtered lamb feast which they had purchased it from about a month Kodhip slaughtered him he told her she heard the voice of "sheep" Voiguent he slaughtered his brother screamed for help but he was beaten and held a knife to her neck and it was the worst moments of her life.
In a telephone conversation with the mother told us she was shocked by what happened and they're between two fires, and her life faded after the incident and turned into a hell.
Major General Farooq Lachin Director General has received notification of the incident and investigations revealed that the pilot was led by Ayman al-Wahid, head of the police station and El Farag initiated by Colonel Alaa Farouk detective inspector and supervised by Brigadier Hossam Reza, head of the North that the perpetrator Mostafa Salah al-Din Ali "28 years" agricultural engineer broke out between him and his brother Mohammed Salah al-Din, "29," electrical engineer made him a verbal argument in the case of hysteria which resulted in the slaughter of his brother and shot him six fatally stabbed.
Also that the defendant is known to hallucinate due to his reading of books witchcraft and