Who is Ismail Yassin Yassin

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Alcolmdia of skilled representatives in Egypt, but the Arab world

Yassin Ismail Yassin

  Its inception: - born 15/9/1912 in Suez Ismail Yassin delegation to Cairo in the early thirties Ismail possessed the qualities that made him a star of stars in that review and Monolojst singer and actor and has remained one of the pioneers of this art over ten years from 1935

Joined the clerk lawyer stormed into the technical field in the wedding singer dependent on the sense of humor several Mnolojat participated in the opening of the official Egyptian radio in 1934, and following the advice of friend, the poet poets Abu Buthaina


Work of cinema and became one of the leading stars and is the second of two in the history of cinema produced for two movies Bosmaihma after Laila Murad, and from these films

Ismail Yassin in the police - Ismail Yassin in aviation - Ismail Yassin in the Navy - Ismail Yassin in the madhouse.


Works: 1939 behind Habayeb - 1942 Ali Baba and the forty thief - 1943 call blood, Nur al-Din and seven sailors - 1945 his heart and one on the night of fortune, please Friday night, a taxi Hntorp, brown Adam - 1946 Salwa grams Bedouin, wife of the Pasha, the Palin - 1947 Lebanese University, my heart guides, known cobbler, I Stotp, three grooms, Habib age, Bayaa lottery, Bride sea, Queen of the desert, Ibn Antar, sixes demons, the daughter of the teacher -1948 live art, the architecture, love and madness, the son of Tiller, known in wealth, immortality, happiness land, spirit and body, sperm, Princess of the island, fantasy woman - 1949 and I have, Horseshoe, an advisor, the text of the night, to have Havk, jewelry, holiday in hell, Fatima and Marika and Rachel, Self Almlalim, عقبال firstborn, handkerchief sweet, Lith ma'am, Tumbler Street, the night before Eid - 1950 tears of joy, Ah Anal, Nobody on the mind, the hero, pepper, the wife of the seventh, calculated the family, Ms. Mama, night pics, Millionaire, Siboney sing, last Kdbp, The Adventures of greenery, Hassan 1951 Busy six others, by my beloved Soso, the teacher Bulbul, in the al-Hawa Sawa, love is in danger, Adam and Eve, girls sorbet, meaning peace, end of story, my mother an atomic bomb, P. T. ghosts, Faik and Riek, Qatar dew 1952 - Love slander, House Allantc image, wedding, Hawa what Loch born, the skin is good, the victor, the كيفك, little divination, where did you get this, nail Juha, my ten, the good, believe in God, Halal you, atheist mind, blood too - 1953 luck this week, the daughter of blessings, puck with Abdu Dahab, between the two hearts, the word right, house of obedience, the son of animate, thief-Sharif, Temptresses-law, forbidden to you, the minimum for a laugh, Nchalp ma'am, philanthropists, people take note that you , melody love - 1945 Adventures of Ismail Yassin, daughters of Eve, Miss Hanafi, the old one barber of Baghdad, the honor of girls, lover deprived dozen handkerchiefs, Fiend Ismail is, injustice is haraam, Stay of God, Kdbp April, Ou `think, what Ierfush Ikdboa sixes, the daughter of country, person Gelban 1955 - Ismail Yasin in the Army, the Kingdom of Women, captain of Egypt, which حدش and discernible need them, Ismail Yassin in the police, Her infallibility, Ismail Yassin in the Wax Museum, the Inspector General - 1957 son of Hamid, Ismail Yassin in a psychiatric hospital, Ismail Yassin in the fleet, hold the thief, Ismail Yassin in a psychiatric hospital in Damascus, Ismail Yassin Ismail Yassin Tarzan, six Nawa'em, Silverline Effendi Ismail Yassin for Sale, Abu bold eyes - 1959 if Kandeh surprises, green threshold, a trip to the moon, the poor millionaire Ismail Yassin in aviation, groom my wife, the secret police, my mother-angel - 1960 pw Egnnoni barber ladies, love the circus, magic lantern, honeymoon, Ismail Yassin in Prison - 1961 husband rent, translator - 1962 King of petroleum, Three Musketeers, Forget the world - 1963 in the paradise of madmen - 1965 the mind and money, passion Karam (Lebanon), 1968, meeting strangers (Lebanon) Order of Gram (Lebanon) - 1972 desire and loss. And his films are still many old "black and white" is my favorite, a large sector of the public in Egypt and the Arab region because he managed to draw a smile on the lips of fans thanks to his abilities and talents of individual 0 and contributed Ismail Yassin in the formulation of theater history and the fact that the Egyptian comedy band bearing his name and remained This band is working for 12 years from 1954 until 1966 during which more than fifty plays almost daily 0 Ismail Yassin used a large number of prominent directors in the output of plays, including: - Mr. Bedier - Mohammed Tawfik - Abdel-Moneim Magazine - Noor Demerdash 0 as the work of Ismail Yassin at the scene of a large selection of top our stars such as: "Abdul Waris indigestion - Shukri Sarhan - Sanaa Gamil - greeting Carioca - and others



Ismail Yassin and deserves honor the millions of fans pleased and delighted in Nfosha died in