What will happen in Karjakin vs Meier?

May 24, 2017, 1:18 AM |

Today, world championship challenger GM Sergey Karjakin faces qualified challenger, GM Georg Meier.


Meier needed some luck to reach here too. He was lost against GM Dmitry Andreiken...but then this happened.

He eventually won the Armageddon against IM Tom Kantans. 


Karjakin joined Chess.com very recently, so in my bracket, I picked Meier.However, Karjakin has been playing many games on Chess.com. Here's his first:-

Karjakin, thoug,h is a very strong player who was within a whisker of dethroning Magnus Carlsen in November.

Of couse, Karjakin and Meier have never played against each other online but here are their OTB games. Only three of them too!

I have no idea about the 960 portion, actually.

The reason I picked Meier is because he has been on Chess.com for a long time.

So, if you agree with me on a Meier win, comment below!

If you think Karjakin will win and I am just stupid, comment below!

We will see what happens when these titans face off!