The Positional Pawn Sacrifice

Oct 15, 2015, 10:29 AM |

Hello chess friends!

I am a relatively new member to, and have tried to write a blog on the positional pawn sacrifice. Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Ok, coming to the point, a positional pawn sacrifice is a pawn sacrifice with a positional, or long-term aim, like opening lines for our pieces or restricting the opponent's counterplay. Let us first see an example. First try to guess Kasparov's move, and pat yourself on the back if you can see it.  












That was pretty neat, huh? Well, what I constantly wonder is how Kasparov and other geniuses make such brilliancies look "easy". I guess that this is the result of the deep understanding of the very roots of the position. Anyway, here's the next one:








Be sure to have a try. Who knows, you may defeat Tal? (Wink). Well, here's the solution, with the use of the same motif:


Now for you to try your hand. Good luck, and be sure to treat yourself to some ice-cream if you are able to get it. (Boy, I LOVE ice-creams. I love food.)

Hopw you enjoyed this short (or short according to me) blog!