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chess.com is useful

Mar 27, 2016, 10:18 PM 1

Chess.com has really been useful to me. First, when i signed up in Chess.com I thought that it was a normal website like the other websites (that we can play only games online). But then I came to know that it gives us training too. Tactics Trainer has really been very useful to me. For the past 8 months, I can see a change in me. 8 months ago, I was an ordinary player. I was not that good in chess at that time. But now, my chess coach has told me that I am fit to go to tournaments. You can also have a coach in chess.com. I am just 10 years old and I have defeated many people who are elder than me. So, if I am a  good chess player, 50% credit goes to chess.com. It has really helped me a lot.

                                         THANK YOU CHESS.COM!!!


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