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The Android platform now dominates the internet.


 Many things like Youtube Videos, Google Play Apps are much more developed like
Windows.Some Years ago, Google announced that the majority of its searches are now
performed on mobile devices in 10 countries, including the United States and Japan.



Here are the list of Best Chess Apps for Analysing Games as well as for Playing:- Play, Learn and Share


My first priority I give to as it is not only useful but also it interacts with the user very convincingly.It has also a good GUI(Graphical User Interface) and is very easy to use.You can read the finest and the latest chess articles online, make new chess friends, watch instructive video lessons from GMs, IMs, etc, solve more than 50,000 tactics puzzles.The app has the most beautiful live and daily chess user interface, and starting a game is quick and easy.With this I appreciate and Thank creator 'erik' and its developers to make it able to improve our chess easily on this great website.


2.Droidfish (Stockfish 8)


Droidfish is the best chess app ever to analyse games and to play with a chess engine.It also provides a GUI and is very easy and interacting with the user.You could say it's like having a more than a grandmaster in your pocket.Rather than Fritz it is a very lightweight app and is even more stronger than the latest version Fritz-15.It comes in a built in engine Stockfish 8 which has a elo rating of 3390 in FIDE COMPUTER CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP.Stockfish 8 is World ranking no 2 in Computer Chess.


3.Analyse This [Pro]


Analyse this pro is an excellent app for serious chess players.It allows to analyse a whole game with engines, setup positions, auto analysis commented by engines(similar to the function Full Analysis in Fritz 15, etc), analyse with various types of engines installed on the phone storage, open pgn files and analyse games, etc.

null is powered by chessbase and is a good resource to play online chess with real time controls like thing is you have to create a playchess account and thus get started.Excellent app has a clearly good GUI, like Fritz 15.You can also watch real world games and analyse in it.The games you have played and watched is automatically stored on your device and you can access it and analyse it with engines anytime.In computer you simply type on your search engine and login into your playchess account and you can have access to various features.Playchess client; Live Database with more than 8 million games; My Games Cloud where you can store, analyse your games, etc, and save in the Cloud; Videos; Tactics Traning; Fritz Online; Chess News; and many more.




It is like the Chessbase program you use in Windows.It has many more features such as Search Opening, Search Games of a player, and has also access to the Live Database and Live Book of Chessbase. You can also analyse games and store it on your device as .pgn file.It also comes with Deep Fritz 14 Engine which is also very strong and is useful in analysing games.



6.Follow Chess [Pro]


It is a very useful app if you want to follow the real world tournaments ongoing and finished.You can also search a player's games played in that particular tournament and can also watch ongoing tournaments and follow it live!You can analyse that game anytime by just clicking the Analyser button on the top(Note:You will have to download the above app Analyse This).You can also share it to other users by giving comments into the presented position by giving coloured arrows etc.A serious chess player must download this paid app or the free version in Play Store.Very Useful!! Highly Recommended.



I recommend you to download the engines which you can fed in by using Droidfish, Playchess, Chessbase, Analyse This, etc.Here is the list:-


1.Other Fish Engines(which gives Brainfish, Cfish, Corchess, McBrain and Nayeem.Very strong and powerful engines.)

2.Komodo 8

3.Komodo 9

4.Komodo 10

5.Komodo 11 (Rank no 1 World Champion now)


8.Shredder Chess


Shredder is ranked no 8 and has a rating of 3208 FIDE. It has 17 Computer chess World Championship Titles.In addition to his outstanding playing strength Shredder is also able to mimic the strength of a human player by setting its elo rating manually.It has also a very good GUI and is also recommended to have for every serious chess player.It also provides with more than 1000 built in Tactics which is very useful to do daily.Find more info in the following website


9.Play Magnus



This highly polished chess app is based upon the game's best player former World Champion, Magnus Carlsen.Excellent and impressive chess app.Highly recommended for all chess players.


10.Chess Study Lite



Great Chess App ever.This app offers to open any chess book pdf or can open .pgn files and play on the chess board.It has also built in engines Stockfish 6, etc.You can analyse at any moment, setup position and can also play with engines.It is like droidfish mixed in this app.You can also download the games of players in .pgn format.It is basically like a chess coach, books and a board in your hand.This app must be downloaded for serious chess players.



Thank You. If you have any other good chess apps please write it in the comments so that other users who see this article will download it and I will also download it for my own use.Once again Thank You for reading my article and Have a nice day!