My Strengths and Weaknesses

Jan 11, 2014, 8:41 AM |

Yes, that is right, I am the new coach in the block. And I would like to share with everyone (and most certainly my students if ANY) my specific weaknesses and strengths in the form of two games I have played very recently. One game that I have won, and another I had lost horribly and the explanation why. So! Let's get started.

Now, for the first game, I want to show my strengths in chess. However, this game is still ongoing. But I would still like to show it because it shows exactly what I teach: positional value, beauty, and using the position into the opponents displeasure.

In the game I demonstrated my resolve and love for position. But with this, my flaws arise: moves that look good but have no value. Though it is not often, it happens. And that is something I need to work on as a chess player. There is another flaw that I have that tactical chess players have over me. Whenever I do not have time to gain position with solid play, I become a little susceptible to tactics, especially advance ones if I am in the middle of an idea. Like what happened in this game.

Goodness, that game became a disaster! But much can be learned from this game. My belief is this: You win only one game because you had lost many. The lessons learned from games that are lost are invaluable.