Every time......

Dec 6, 2011, 1:01 PM |

Every time I need something God will always provide....I have two little but very important examples...well to me.....My family and I were driving home from a long trip.My mom stopped at a fast food restaurant and she ordered all the food, but only 2 waters one for each of my siblings. I told her that she forgot mine but we had already paid. We got up to the window where we got our food.The lady handed us the bag of food and 3 waters.We had only ordered 2 but God provided us with 3.

Time #2

I was sitting on my window sill and the moon was out but no stars. There were no clouds or anything.I asked God to please show me a star. I watched for a little then I looked for a millisecond at my cat.When I looked back up at the moon there was a BEAUTIFUL star right next to it.It was the most beautiful one that night. Keep in mind there were no clouds and it wasn't a satellite.


That just goes to show you that God does answer prayer even though not always in the way we think we need. For example....

My friend Bryce has had cancer for about 4 yrs. and was fighting it.I was at a summer camp when I learned he had died. I was upset but then I realized he was healed because he was in heaven. So God doesn't always do it  in the way WE want because HE knows best.So He does whats best for us.

So everytime I pray I know God will answer even though it might not be the way I want it......