A little Reminder to me...

A little Reminder to me...

Apr 5, 2010, 11:00 AM |

This game (which you should feel free to skip as it's only included for documentation purposes) reminds me of a tennis game in which two players only win when it's the other player's serve.  A true sign that neither knows how to play at all.

When I ran the analysis on this...it was so humorous.  When he'd move, my advantage would increase.  When I'd move, his advantage would increase!  lol.

I usually include my opponent's name but in this case I like the person and I'm not sure he'd appreciate the mockery even if I'm including myself. 

I think the main thing here is to remember that I need to make excellent moves.  It slips my mind that I should be looking for the "best" move - esp. in CC chess - and I end up doing something that looks okay instead. 


A few new rules for me:

1.  No trying to fit in chess moves in between chatting with people on yahoo messenger.  I've always had this weird preoccupation with multi-tasking.  Like trying to adjust my sunglasses while skiing down mid-slope. No more.

2.  If I feel so tired that think I won't retain info from Chess Mentor or I feel like I'm going to get depressed by missing Tactics Trainer problems...what makes me think I should be making my chess moves in games instead?  That's when I should really give in and head over to our lovely and informative forums.  Right?

3.  Outmaneuvering your opponent is super fun!