All About Eve


Pawns have the deceitful appearance of innocent underlings about them, when in reality they are quite nasty and can stoop to anything.  Pawns are Eve Harrington from All About Eve.  

A funny thing I’ve noticed is sometimes when I’m trying to get a pawn to promotion rank…I do it frantically, as if it were a blitz game or as if someone is actually chasing the pawn and all the air is being held in my chest…afterwards I’m like…”dude, it’s a mouse…and that knight isn’t getting any closer or farther no matter how fast you click”.

I read an amusing anecdote which follows: 

Once while walking over WaterlooBridge, in London, with stout-hearted Teichmann, we conversed of the ingredients that associate to make a chess player. I ventured a remark that, if he would name one indispensable ingredient, I would name an able player wholly destitute of it. And Richard very tolerantly said, "Have you given any thought to vanity'?" – William Napier

Maybe that’s the curse of being a natural.  If anything, chess has really been a spine-cracking lesson in humility for me. 

I'm glad to report my blunders are becoming less outrageous...