All About Eve

Mar 8, 2009, 6:56 AM |

Pawns have the deceitful appearance of innocent underlings about them, when in reality they are quite nasty and can stoop to anything.  Pawns are Eve Harrington from All About Eve.  

A funny thing I’ve noticed is sometimes when I’m trying to get a pawn to promotion rank…I do it frantically, as if it were a blitz game or as if someone is actually chasing the pawn and all the air is being held in my chest…afterwards I’m like…”dude, it’s a mouse…and that knight isn’t getting any closer or farther no matter how fast you click”.

I read an amusing anecdote which follows: 

Once while walking over WaterlooBridge, in London, with stout-hearted Teichmann, we conversed of the ingredients that associate to make a chess player. I ventured a remark that, if he would name one indispensable ingredient, I would name an able player wholly destitute of it. And Richard very tolerantly said, "Have you given any thought to vanity'?" – William Napier

Maybe that’s the curse of being a natural.  If anything, chess has really been a spine-cracking lesson in humility for me. 

I'm glad to report my blunders are becoming less outrageous...