Delightful Chess Quotes!

Mar 8, 2009, 7:30 AM |

I drink, I smoke, I gamble, I chase girls but postal chess is one vice I don't have. – Mikhail Tal

“Even the laziest King flees wildly in the face of a double check!” (Aaron Nimzowitsch)

“It is not enough to be a good player... you must also play well” (Siegbert Tarrasch)

“My opponents make good moves too. Sometimes I don't take these things into consideration” (Bobby Fischer)

 “On the chessboard, lies and hypocrisy do not survive long” (Emanuel Lasker)

 “Chess is a terrible game. If you have no center, your opponent has a freer position. If you do have a center, then you really have something to worry about!”  (Siegbert Tarrasch)

 “Man is a frivolous, a specious creature, and like a Chess player, cares more for the process of attaining his goal than for the goal itself”  (Dostoyevsky)

 “A man that will take back a move at Chess will pick a pocket”  (Richard Fenton)

 “An isolated Pawn casts gloom over the entire chessboard” (Aaron Nimzovich)

 “Checkers is for tramps”  (Paul Morphy)

 “When you don't know what to play, wait for an idea to come into your opponent's mind. You may be sure that idea will be wrong”  (Siegbert Tarrasch)