The Blind Beating the Blind  3/0

The Blind Beating the Blind 3/0

Mar 16, 2018, 5:15 PM |

So I've been getting really annoyed by my disregard of time in blitz so I'm trying to crunch out a few 3/0 to improve rapid decision making.  This Sicilian game is one of the very few times I'm not even consulting the computer engine...and decided to self-analyze the game...  Why?  Just because.   My brief analysis is below:


I'm not sure why but I felt very aggressive and forcing in this game...I felt it before analyzing. 
I think 19. Bxf6 was a wrong move order by me...but the time pressure...
And 26...Ke6 was clearly awful by my opponent.  When I calculated the fork, I felt the rook was worth grabbing...but instead he handed over the queen.  Should have been Rxd5. But then I missed the mate on 27. Qf6#  grrrrr.  
And then I missed mate again!!! on 29. Qc6#  but I chose the first safe check I spotted.