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Scotch Game

Scotch Game

Nov 10, 2007, 5:25 PM 0

Hi everyone!

This is my very first blog in Chess.com

I want your opinion on the Scotch Game opening.  I first saw it in my ChessMaster 10th game when I watched the Edinburg v. London game.  After that, I started using it and a whole new world opened to me.  I am hooked on the Scotch Game opening.  It works great, even against the Sicilian Defense.  Please, share your thoughts with this opening.  if you have used it and how it has worked for you.  Also, please share any flaws you willlike to point out.

 Oh yes, by the way, the girl in the picture is Judith Polgar, my favorite Chess player.  She is awesome (and cute).  I am very grateful to her because she has inspired my wife to take on chess.  Any comments on her are also welcome.



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