My impression: WC Candidates, Moscow 2016

My impression: WC Candidates, Moscow 2016

Mar 27, 2016, 11:42 AM |

Hello everybody!

I'm a common chess player from Russia, I live in Moscow and I want to share with all the players of my joy and pleasure of being in the centre of the one of the most important chess events in the world!

I will tell you nothing about the games for I'm not an expert of chess analysis and most of grandmaster's games are pure magic for me :D But organizators did a lot for people to enjoy the week of the tournament and that what I'm gonna talk about.

But of course first photo is from the main field: that's how the live translation looks like.

   On Wednesday, when we (with my girlfriend) came here for the first time we were quite upset - there were a few old people who sat and watched games. We were the only young people (21 y.o.). Actually I feel very sorry for chess as a sport - I don't know how the things are going in the other countries, but in Russia there is not much interest in this beautiful sport.

  Of course, there are people who go to chess clubs etc. but there is no broadcast relating to chess, no TV programs, just a few youtube-bloggers, who, as a rule, try to earn by teaching people for money or selling their books.

   But we came there (live translation studio) not to watch chess the whole day - you should be a VERY BIG fan to sit about 5-6 hours and to follow the games. This is one of the problems with chess as a spectacular sport - as a rule, only in blitz games there is dynamics. Classical chess are not that intensive.

   We took part in two open chess lessons (organised by the Russian Chess House, the partner of the Tournament) - that's where some not that old people came. Coaches gave us many different puzzles and explained some topics connected to them and it was very useful and interesting - here are some of the puzzles:

  And besides, there was Moscow Chess Festival (again regarded to Candidates Tournament). At the Festival there were some contests, games with Moscow Masters and so on, but the weather wasn't warm enough so I didn't spent there much time. But in general I enjoyed it ^^

At the end of my little blog, I want to thank all people, who have done it possible for us to enjoy the tournament of such a level in Moscow!
And of course as a true patriot I want to wish luck to our Russian player, Sergey Karjakin!