Road to chess mastery

Jul 22, 2011, 3:49 PM |

   I have wondered how 14 year olds and even 12 year old kids become chess Grand masters these days while Old men are still strugling for Norms for many years and are not even sure of getting there, i got some replies , some said it is purely hard work and a few said it is talent though i tend to agree with those who said the kids have nothing to worry about like Family, Job and have only chess on their mind.

  While this might be the case, i still believe an Adult Like me for instance who has got natural  chess talent can create time ans systematically get the best out of the little time available.the issue here may be How can i become a very strong chess player or drastically improve my chess to an expert level? you can simply map out your strategy and work according to a plan an Hour or two a day may not seem enough but think about the cumulative effect especially when there are days when you can squeeze in a few more hours, if you can put in say one hour thirty minutes a day into chess study and training and do it religiously and constantly over a long periodof time (six months for instance)  you are bound to improve if you focus on the right thing in your chess study A law in the 48 laws of power says INTENSITY must be prized over extensity (make sure you are extremely good in the few things you learn in the little time you have.......then learn some more.....and then some more!!

Personally my  Goal at the moment is to study chess constantly over the next 100 days(starting from 23rd of July  to 30th October 2011) in a personal chess study arrangement i call "The silicon chess school" my primary target is to become Nigerian national champion(Win the NBL chess championship in Nigeria) to become the strongest chess player in Nigeria beating all the so called strongest players with ease and at will and to achieve a playing skill of at least 2500 ELO !! sounds interesting !? Cool  how do i intend to achive this......stay with this blog and get updated  - Akinovchess