Extremely Long Endgame!

Jan 26, 2011, 1:30 PM |

Here is a recent game I played on this site.

Coming out of an extremely poor opening I was hoping for a draw, however due to a material disadvantage going into the endgame I was certain the game was lost. I decided though to continue playing for the draw. Offering  my opponent the opportunity to settle for half points whenever I could.

My opponent however was more then keen on winning this game, refusing every draw request. After a staggering 100+ moves I was beginning to doubt I would last much longer. Mainly do to the tiresome endgame but also because my opponent was a computer! 

Eventually my opponent dropped a pawn and then a rook and then his remaining pieces soon followed. By the end we had played 163 moves and I had managed to finish on top. Just goes to show no matter how bad a game is keep at it!

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Here is the game: