My second blog!

May 14, 2012, 9:31 AM |

I awoke with a startle, my chest was filled with pain and the gem on the necklace was glowing bright purple and. I was thrashing around trying to reach for it but it was burning hot. I stood up and satarted to run still tugging and pulling at the necklace and just woudn't come off. I saw a body of water that was the size of a football field. I jumped into hoping the water would help me get the necklace off. As I jumped in I  could feel the necklace sliding of the gem was still glowing bright purple. When the necklace was off I got out of the water.It was after I had gotten out of the water that I realized just how cold it was.Shivering I looked back at the water and saw the necklace floating and still glowing. My chest still hurt a little but it had really eased up one I had gotten the necklace off.I squeezed my shirt trying to get as much water as I could off. I had managed to get most of the water off me. I was still very cold. I decided to walk down a path hoping it would warm me. As I walked down the path I saw trees that I had never seen before and there was fruit growing ob  the trees that looked like a mix of a grape and an orange. When I saw the fruit it made me realize just how hungry I was. I grabbed a stick and poked at the fruit with it one of them fell down and burst open spraying a bright blue juice. I knock anther one down and this time it didn't burst open. I picked it up and peeled the skin with surprising ease. I looked at the blue fruit in my hand trying to decide whether it was safe or not to eat. My hungry finally made me take a bite of it and it tasted like a mix of old coffee and jelly beans. Although it did not taste that great it still satisfied my hunger.I put three of the fruits in my pocket just in case I got hungry later. I am unsure why I was not really being that careful when in deciding whether or not to eat the fruit but at least it did not kill me. I continued to walk down the path when I saw creature that were about the ranged from the size of a stick of gum to a penny they were walking along the side of the path as if they were hard at work. They didn' t seem to notice me. as I walked further down the path I saw a clearing I approached  and saw a man sitting  at a table in the center of the clearing. I stopped when I noticed him and  the man said."Come forward." My legs move forward even though I knew I shouldn't have. When I was all the way to the table he said sit so I sat in a the chair that was there. I looked down at the table and saw that it was a Parcheesi board. The man made an odd sound and the little creature that I had seen earlier came running up and formed themselves into Parcheesi pieces and two of the combined into dice. The man handed me a die and said"Roll highest number goes first." I rolled the die and got a three the man rolled the other die and got a two.

Please tune into my next blog to hear the outcome of the game and more of my adventure. Thanks for reading!