Between life and death.

Jun 6, 2012, 8:58 AM |

Please note that if you are reading my blog it is best to have read my previous one to know what is going on.

When I came too my vision was foggy and my head hurt. I couldn't really see anything except odd assortments of color. It was as if I was looks through a kaleidoscope. I no longer could here the fiddle playing. I just laid starring up at the assortment of colors. I was trying to grasp enough energy to stand up but it was like i was in a dreaming state. So I could see things but had no control over them.After I don't know how long I started to hear a drum beat. I turned my head to try to listen better but it hurt to move it. The beating drum just kept getting louder and louder. It was making such an almighty sound.My heart was beating as fast as the drum. I tried to stand up again but I just couldn't find the strength. So I lie there, helpless. The drum still got louder and louder when my vision all of the sudden came back or at least it wasn't like I was looking through a kaleidoscope.I was now starring up into a metal wall. I couldn't tell how high it was. I moved m arms up trying to see if I could touch it.Although I couldn't touch it i was then I noticed my hand were covered in blood.I hadn't the slightest clue whether it was my blood or someone else's.I was freaking out at this point;The drum was still beating my heart racing with the pace of the beats, I couldn't stand up or really even move at all and my hands were covered in blood.I touch my face with my hands to be sure that I was still even there. Was I dead? Is this what death was?When I felt my face it felt like my own except there were a lot of open cuts I could feel. I just prayed that the drum would stop and that I could just stand up and leave this place. I finally just closed my eyes and shouted aloud" Sent me to heaven or hell I just can't stand being in between life and death!"I still laid, tears streaming down my cheeks. I didn't know what else to do. I was in pain. My head hurt from the drum and I guess from when I fell. I laid there and the beating drum got slower. My heart slowed. Where my prayers being answered? The drum still got softer and softer until there was no noise at all.I tried to summon the strength to stand once again but I failed. I starred up at the metal ceiling relieved that the drum had stopped but unsure to do.I still laid when I heard a voice say."We must end this now! You are going to kill him!""No, I will not end this! I have put to much time and effort into creating this! You will not rune it!"I tried to take in the meaning of the words but I couldn't quite grasp the meanings.The voices continued" How the hell can you be so cruel as to do this to your own son?!"" It is none of your business what I do to my son!"the voice said in a very matter-of-factly voice" I will do what ever the hell I want and you cannot stop me." There was a gunfire and the sound of a body hitting metal."Now that that is out of the way."After he said that I felt like I was dissolving then I appeared where I had blacked out.I was able to stand immediately.My body still hurt, there was a lot of blood on my hand still, and there were many open gashes on my face but at least I was alive.Even though i was in the same clearing from when I blacked out there were no floating fiddles and the skittle waterfall was now just a regular waterfall.Call me stupid for doing this but I held my hand out and drank some of the water and used some of the water to clean the cut on me.I now just looked around unsure what to do.I then decided just to leave the clearing since there was nothing to do there. I walked down what seemed to be a normal path. It was really quite boring. After I walked for a while it became darker even though there was no sun, moon, or stars lighting this strange place. As I said before it was really quite boring the next few hours. 

To hear more oof what happens next please tune into my next blog! Thanks for reading!:)