Ending the Begining

Jun 13, 2012, 8:48 AM |

Please note if you are reading my blog it is best to have read my previous one to know what is going on.

As I said before the next few hour were boring so I guess I'll skip to the interesting part.As I just walked nothing going on I approach a clearing that has a sign outside it.The sign said"Adapter village".I found it kinda of odd that I could read it even though if I looked at it from the side they were odd characters.I walk into the village and it was a very busy village. was people were running as if in a hurry to get somewhere and the were many stands that had vendors yelling out sales they had. I looked around at these people and the were lik,e normal humans except they had pasty white skin.I looked amazing dark next to them. They were also wearing tunic and long black boots. I felt like I had walked into a video game. No one seemed to notice me at all.I just walked around and was amazed at some of the things vendors were selling. One was selling a pig looking meat that had a putrid smell. I gagged as I walked passed and was amazed when I saw some buy it and take a bite out of it as soon as it was in there hand. I couldn't stop myself from vomiting at that point After I puked I walked away and went to a vendor that was selling fruits at least what I thought were fruits. I tried to look around at what was being used as currency but it seemed like it was a trade system. I dug around in my pockets and found a penny.I showed the coin to the vendor and he looked at me like I was crazy and threw the coin back at me.I was shocked that he would do that I yelled"what the heck was that for!"He then stuck his fingers in his mouth and whistled. Ten of the people appear. One was holding something that looked like handcuffs. Before I even really knew what happened the handcuffs where on my wrists. I tried to rip them off but they just dug into my skin. As I was trying to get the hand cuffs off another person put  cuffs around my legs so IU tripped when I tried to run.When I was on the ground they started to drag me away as I was yelling insulted and profanities at them.As they dragged me not caring what I hit I had blood all over my face because  was going over concrete.My chin was becoming raw because I was having that dragged across the ground rather then my nose or something. After awhile we came to a building.The dragged me in and let the door hit me in the face. I hit yelped as it cracked my nose.Now I had even more blood pouring from my face. You could see a trail from where the dragged me.They then put me into a jail cell. They didn't take the cuffs off me. They just left me in the cell. Nothing but a bit of light from the outside lighting the cell.I tried to wiggle my way out of the cuffs but they just got tighter and tighter on there own.I was becoming light-headed from all the blood I had lost.I am really unsure if what happened next was real of a hallucination from my loss of blood.As I sat squirming and wiggle trying to get free a  figure came floating down from the sky. It was woman. She had dark, beautiful skin and bright blue eyes. She looked like a goddess. I stared in amazement.She then spoke and said."Child, you must think of why you want to be free to become free. Think  of who you can save and help other then yourself.A selfless person will end this a selfless person can stop this."I tried to speak but blood came out of my mouth. I spat out the blood then spoke. " what do you mean? How can being selfless save me from something like this?"She look down at me and said"All great heroes are selfless." Then she floated away before I could say another word.I crawled around the cell thinking of what she meant.As i crawled around I was just looking at the wall when I noticed that the tiling on the wall had a pattern and it was broken by one tile. I moved to that tile. i noticed it had the slight little divot where you could grip grab. I maneuvered my self so I could grab It with my hand. I got a hold of it and pulled it out. I turned around and looked into the space where the tile was. There was a a sort of laser gun in it. I grabbed it with my mouth and pulled it out. I positioned it to be aimed at the cuffs which was not an easy task I pull the trigger once I was sure I was aiming at the cuffs i pulled it there a beep and the chains just melted away. I now had my hands completely free.Before i free my feet I felt my nose to see which way I would have to twist it to get it back into place. I felt I had to twist left So I ball up part of my shirt and stuck it in my mouth so  i wouldn't cry out in pain. I grabbed my nose and twisted i to left. It crack back into place a fresh pool of blood was coming from my nose. I had several tears streaming down my cheeks from the pain but I was happy I didn't yell out. I now aimed the gun at the cuffs on my legs and pulled the trigger there was another beep and the cuffs melted away.I looked back from where I had gotten the gun.i stuck my arm down the space. It was empty as far as my arm could reach.I looked around the cell and found a stone I threw the stone down the space and it kept going until I heard  it hit water.The hole was not that big but I thought I might be able to crawl through it and escape. I got into the hole it was an extremely tight fit but i was able to pull myself forward. I kept moving. It hurt to move but I didn't care I justy had my mind set on getting out of that place. finally after what felt like a lifetime I made it to the end the problem was there was a 500 foot drop to the water and the water was filled with pointy rocks.I just starred down then closed my eyes and said a prayer to myself then I pulled my self out my eyes still closed. I fellt the air whizzing past me;. all of the air was hurting my cuts so badly. As I got further down they started to sting from what i think was salt water. I just kept my eyes closed I didn't scream or yell I just prayed silently to myself.I hit the water headfirst .. It didn't really hurt. I felt bubble going past me as I float under the water. I still kept my eyes closed. I guess I was just waiting for death because I didn't think I would survive the fall.After I was under the water for several seconds I floated to the survive. I opened my eyes and was shocked I had survived.At that point I didn't care I was covered in cuts and bruises or that I had my nose broken I was just happy to be alive. I looked around and saw a cave that was a 100 feet away from where I was in the water. iI began to swim. It hurt to swim but I truly didn't care. I made it to the cave and went in. It was dark and warm. I just lie for a moment thanking god for helping ME survive. I now started to feel some of the pain. I guess any adrenaline I had wore off. I sat in the cave and looked around when noticed just sitting there was a note book and pencil. I picked it up and saw it was blank. I then just sat and wrote  the story you are know reading. I don't know how long I've been writing it for but I have almost filled the notebook now. there are barley any pages left. So I guess this is the end of my story for now. Or at least the end of my first notebook. I don't know what will happen to me next but if I survive I Will be sure to write it down so you can read it,. Now one thing that I t  just don't know is how I even got stuck in this strange place. That is why I said at the beginning I was entering the blogging world because I truly don't know how I got here. I don't know if anyone is even going to read this come to think of it. I mean I am in a cave and writing in some notebook. Aw man now I am talking to my self. Well I guess I should just end this before I say something stupid. So farewell until I begin writing in another notebook.

 End of note book #1