My first blog!

May 2, 2012, 12:43 PM |

Hello and all that inhabit it! I am Al-bundy831 and I am enter the blogging world... As I enter not knowing why I am entering, I feel a light hit me! I look around and I see a whole new world that is full of bloggers... They are of all shapes and sizes some blogging about useful thing others telling you something silly that you wonder why the heck they are blogging it. I wonder what type of blogger I shall become. Will I become the kind that blogs there every movement, will I become the kind that has something to say that is really worth reading, or will this be my only blog that I will ever write. Who knows, perhaps I will embark on a journey and become a type of blogger no one has ever seen! So what do you think reader? Now that I have enter the world and have seen many people I see paths that go in every direction all of them are full except one. I look down the empty path and begin to walk I notice that it is getting darker and darker as I walk. The only thing I hear are my footsteps and my heart beating in my chest. Suddenly there is a woman's shriek so loud that I fall to the ground, holding my ears I can still hear the shriek. Then it came to anĀ abrupt stop. I begin to get up when I see a little creature no bigger then a water bottle walk along the path. I approach the creature and it started to yell. "MALK, MALK, MALK, MALK." Out of nowhere about twenty-five of the creatures came running towards me and climb my legs. I began to kick them, they would fly about twenty feet each time I would kick them but they just kept coming back. There was purple blood streaming down most of them, not knowing what to do I started to jump on them feeling there little bodies flatten under my feet. After I had stomped the last one I looked around at the bodies. Then I saw something sparkle on one of the flattened bodies. I go and pick it up.It was a necklace with a gem stone on it that I did not recognize. I put the necklace around my neck and sit down away from the bodies. It was after I sat down that I realized just how tired I was so I curled up and went to sleep.

Read more of my story in my next blog. Thanks for reading!