Parcheesi and shotguns!

May 19, 2012, 10:35 AM |

Please note that if you are reading my blog it is best to have read my previous ones to know what is going on.

The man haded me the dice. I tried to make myself get up and run but my legs felt like they had turned to jello.The man held out his hand and said pick an animal. I grabbed the elephants and placed them in "home". The man grabbed the tigers and place them in home. I rolled the dice and got a a five on one and a three on the other. I moved my hand down to move a piece out from home and the man made a disgruntles face and said" No they move themselves" And sure enough a piece move out on its own t the correct square. The man grabbed the dice and rolled two five's. His pieces move by themselves like mine did. The next several turns went like how a normal game would go until we got to the fifteen turn. I was two spaces away from one of the man pieces and it was on an unsafe square. I rolled the dice and got a two on one and a four on the other. My pieces move the one two spaces away from the man's move forward and instead of the man's piece going home my piece pulled out a shotgun shot the man's piece. The piece gut were flying everywhere and neon blue blood was spattering everything. I was shocked and tried to run once again this time my legs move and I started to run. I ran the way I had come into the clearing. The man got up and startyed to chase me. I grabbed the fruits I had stuck in my pocket and threw one at him . It exploded on his face. I yelled" Yeah! take that!!" I rolled one right under his feet while we were both still in motion. He ran on it and fell I could hear his bones crack The man let out a wild yelp and I just continued to run.After awhile I came to fork in the road. and there were two children in the center of the fork playing marbles.They appeared to be ten or eleven years old. I stopped to rest I was about fifty feet away from them. One looked up and saw me. They started to approach me. I really couldn't tell whether they were male or female. As they approached me they grabbed something out of there pocket. They handed it to me and said" Here you looked tired you can have my water."Then they walked back to the other child. I examined the water and it seemed like an ordinary bottle of water so I decided to drink it.After I drank the water I had to deiced which path I should take. I thought I might asked the two kids. So I said" Hey" They looked up at me" Which path should I take? The left or right?"They both stood up and there eyes glazed over. I backed away a few feet. They said at the same time"ONE PATH WILL LEAD TO CERTIAN IMIDIATE DEATH THE OTHER WILL LEAD TO SLOW AND PAINFUL SUFFERING.ONLY ONE WHO ENTER WITH BLUENESS AND GEMS SHALL SURVIVE AND YET SUFFER AT THE SAME TIME"There eyes went back to normal.They sat down as if nothing had just happened.My jaw had hit the ground I had no clue what they had meant by any of that. I just kept repeating what they said over and over in my head hoping it would make some sense.

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