Riddles, fiddles, and skittles!

Jun 4, 2012, 11:27 AM |

Please note that if you are reading my blog it is best to have read my previous ones to know what the heck is going on.

I sat and just kept repeating what the children said to me."One path will lead to certain immediate death the other will lead to slow and painful suffering.and yet suffer at the same time."The children still sat between the fork in the path. I just kept trying to figure out what they said meant. It just made no sense at all.After sitting for about 20 minutes I just couldn't stand sitting any longer. I got up and dug around in my pockets and found a penny.I said to myself "Heads I take the left path, Tails I take the right path" Just as I had flipped the coin I heard the unbearable shrieking I had heard earlier. I dropped to the ground, clasping my ears.Even while clasping my ears as tight as I could the shrieking was still unbearable. I looked around and the children began to get up, the scream didn't seed to bother them in the least bit. They were walking towards me.There eyes glazed over again as they approached they mutters word in tongue. I got up still clasping my ear and ran.The shriek stopped after about five seconds.I ran down the left fork of the path and the children sprinted after yelling "Death to you we need blood! Death to all we desire blood!"I just ran not know where I was going . As I ran I noticed that the tree surrounding me started to become a sort of periwinkle color.I ran and the children still sprinted after me. They were gaining ground on me.Not know what else to do I grabbed the blue fruit i still had in my pocket and threw at the face of one of the children. It exploded on them and then there was an evil electrical hiss. I looked back and saw that the child I had hit was some sort of robot. They had apparently short circuited because the body collapsed. I still ran the other on running after me. I had now more fruit to throw at the other on so I suddenly dove of to the side of the path and the other one seem to be confused. It continued to run, I grabbed a fallen tree branch. When the other child was right next to were I was I swung  the branch like I was hitting a baseball. There was loud snap. Then the head fell off and the body collapsed. I walked up o the body poking it with the branch I had just smacked it with. As I was looking I saw a necklace that was almost identical to the one I had found earlier except it has a yellow gem not a blue one. I knelt down and grabbed a smaller stick so I could grab the necklace off the body.I then remembered a part of what they had said.  "Only one who enter with blueness and gems shall survive "I thought that might mean that I had to get gems that looked like the one on the necklace but it was only a guess.I stood up still thinking what they said meant when I heard the sound of a fiddle playing a sort of Irish dance song. I listened inched a few feet further down the path.I had forgotten about the necklace completely and it fell off the branch I had. I Just start to walk as if in some trance. After I walked for what seemed like hours I came to a clear where I saw fiddles in the middle of it playing by themselves. I rubbed my eyes not believing what I was seeing but sure enough there was floating fiddles. I walked up to one and touched it. It didn't seem to notice it just kept playing. I looked around at the trees in the clearing and looked like they were dancing to the tune that was being played. I had an irresistible urge to start dancing too. As My legs move in a sorta dancing way I walked around the clearing looking around and I Just couldn't believe what I saw next. There was a waterfall but not an ordinary waterfall it was a waterfall of skittles. My jaw dropped because I knew that that was not there a minute ago. I walk to the waterfall and stuck my hand out to grab a skittle. I grabbed an orange one I placed it on my tongue and it was a real skittle. It was one of the most amazing thing I had tasted it. I just held my hands out and start to shove the skittles into my mouth by the fist full.Suddenly I heard a loud pop and I fell to the ground and blacked out.

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