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USCF game 10(W): Kindred-Bernard

Nov 20, 2011, 12:25 AM 0


1997 would be a busy year for me going to the Chicago Open and Kings Island Open both in the U1200 Section. I learned my lesson in that I’m not ready for U1600s lol. Chicago didn't go as planned. Two chess buddies supposed to go with me bailed on me and I played bad chess for the most part. So I played two tournaments of not so good chess and at one point have a record of 9-13-1 before going on my streak after 97 of a run of 21 wins-4 losses-10 draws which moved me up quite a few divisions. In this first game of a bad trip I do manage to win. In a close game Walter Bernard hangs his queen in brain freeze. 1127 was his all time record high but he was 1015 when he played me. The game was going ok when he abruptly leaves his queen hang.



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