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USCF Game 23(L): Kindred-Rodriguez

Dec 10, 2011, 12:50 PM 0

Game 23 is a historic game to me for a few reasons. Not really my play because I was late to the game and had to play fast to catch up only to blunder a piece away and lose. It would be my last loss for a long while. As I’ve only lost 4 games since this one rising from an U1200 player up to an U1700 over the course 14 years. Not that I played all that often, but from this loss forward I would have a record of 20 wins 10 draws and 4 losses moving from U1200, U1400, and U1500 up to my current division of U1700. So to me this game is the separation of my really terrible play previous to this game to my games post this which aren’t quite as terrible. So here is a loss that would mark my 3rd in a row in another disastrous tournament in 1997. Steven Rodriguez was rated 1053 at the time we played with a high of 1057.



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