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USCF Game 34(W): Dewey-Kindred

Dec 12, 2011, 5:11 PM 0

Game 34 is my second “money” game and there were many people tied for first place heading into this last round. As it happens many others draw and we are the last ones playing, and a win would award a clear first place. I did not expect to win this game at all after the opening. I even considered resigning utterly disappointed less than 12 moves in. I remember feeling so disappointed that I wasn’t going to win and that I let myself down. In this melancholy I came up with the idea “Is this fun?” I mean isn’t this why I play chess in the first place. I said yes it is fun and if he is going to beat me, I’m going to go out on my shield. Wouldn’t you know it I pulled it out, by playing the weirdest backward defensive moves that somehow allowed me to survive his pressure filled attack and come out with a winning endgame and a clear first place with $860 towards Christmas presents. One of my most memorable games of all. My opponent Dustin Dewey was rated 1135 with a high of 1248. He opened very well I thought, scared me quite a bit with it.



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