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USCF Game 59(W): Kindred-Juneja

Nov 16, 2012, 3:27 AM 0

In November of 2012 I came back to the Kings Island Open and this time coming in at 1530 I had to participate in the U1700 section. I had never been in a section this high before and I was worried about getting skunked and losing every game. I ended up playing well enough to place 3-7 to my surprise. My initial goal was to win at least one game and perhaps get 2 and half points to add rating points to my 1530. I ended up with a new rating of 1658. In round 1 the game was really awesome with attacks on both sides of the board with me ending up with a very nice looking mate with a pawn. I remember thinking this game was so awesome I don't care if I lose the other 4. As it turned out I didn't lose all tournament. My opponent this round was Greg Juneja who was rated 1661 with a peak of 1837.

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