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USCF Game 6(L): Kindred-Gay

Nov 19, 2011, 12:24 AM 0

So in game 6 we will see the start of my next tournament which is an U1600. Before you start laughing at why a 1009 wants to enter an U1600 just know I had a very over inflated idea of how good I was at this point due to being my neighborhood champion. As if going 3-2 in my last tournament didn’t teach me a lesson I do learn a few more in this tournament going just 1-3 with a bye, and it is amazing I did win one which raised my rating even with a losing record this tournament. In round 1 my opponent is Leonard Gay who was 1465 at the time with an all-time high of 1686. You can perhaps see some improvement in 96 over 95 but I am way to inconsistent. I try hard this game but in the end lose.



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