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USCF Game 66(W): Kindred-Cao

Nov 17, 2014, 7:20 PM 3


            Round 3 was an amazing game. Maybe my favorite game out of all my USCF games so far, at least top 5. It was a real war that had both of us gunning for mate as the game ended, he was just a half step behind. As I checkmated him, he could have checkmated me with one more move. A very exciting game. He played an opening that I hated to play against and was very unfamiliar with me and he had a very good advantage out of the opening with the black pieces. This was the type of chess game that can give you bad dreams even though you won. He was rated 1593 with a high of 1618. He was young, maybe between 10 and 12, I imagine he will be a monster when he gets older. I was fortunate to win. It was the only game he lost all tournament.



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