The Tale of the Lost Wrapper: InBetween by Odd Gunnar Malin

Dec 12, 2014, 5:19 PM |

This is a long story, but I'm gonna make it short.

I've always had a special feeling about The Chessmaster series, I owned the first, memorable Chessmaster 2000 (who could already rip me apart), then the 6000, then the CMX.

The Chessmaster 2000 (courtesy of

Who could resist to love that old chess-playing version of Santa Claus? Do you remeber him?

I like also to play engines tournaments, and I didn't want to exclude my loved TheKing engine.

The only way to do that seemed to run the tournament inside Chessmaster X, importing all other engines as Winboard engines, but Chessmaster tournaments are not fully automated and you must be there to click "Watch" at the end of each match, to go on to the next one.

Arena has much better tournament management, but I found it really difficult to configure TheKing engine to work there.

Arena Chess GUI (courtesy of

Googling I landed at Horizon Chess website: it has a great guide about that. It covers everything: how it works, how to get the "magic" OPK number, how to configure it under Arena.

In this last step, it says "This matter works, but if you want to have a nice display, add more parimeters/personalities, it is better to use the inbetween adaptor as detailed below."

So I started to search the internet for this Inbetween adaptor made by Odd Gunnar Malin, but couldn't find any downloadable copy.

Almost all google search results were broken links.

In the very end I found a link to this webarchive page, with a working download link!

Since I struggled so much to find it, I was willing to share my finding with the community, but I wanted to contact the author to ask for permission.

Not only did he give me his permission, but also he gave me his most updated copy of Inbetween.

So, now, I am proud I can link both versions here, for all the internet to leech! Smile

I link both versions because, strangely enough, v1.5 doesn't seem to work for me, where v1.3 works flawlessly.
It's unlcear whether v1.3 is actually v1.4 because the download link on the webarchive page states it's v1.4, but the readme file inside the zip states it's v1.3. Whichever, I don't care as long as it works.
Thanks again to Odd Gunnar Malin for his work that remains somewhat "unique" (to my evidence there's no other such tool around) and very useful.
Right now I am running an engines tournament where TheKing is proudly battling against Crafty 23.6 not to be in the last place in ladder. Cool