WereKnights - Episode 1

WereKnights - Episode 1

Dec 22, 2014, 4:24 PM |

This blog series is not for the chess reader with a weak stomach.

You're not gonna see positional finesses, quiet games, subleties, novelties, easy draws either.

You're gonna see a lot of "chess blood" on the board, and quite in a splatter way.

To state things clear, if this was The Lord Of The Ring movie (I guess you've seen it, unless you're Magnus Carlsen, as he stated in recent Play Magnus Simul post-event interview, see this video at 01:26:30) you're not gonna see elven-style battle, that would imply neat moves and surgical precision.

You're more likely to see orcish-style disordered rage, werewolf-like fury, where the raging-fury-possessed player may hang full pieces in the (almost always futile) attempt to nail down the opponent.

While going through these games, whenever you'll see a piece hanging or a badly-calculated combination blow up, imagine hearing a terrifying UUUAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! and the knight starting its transformation into the fearsome and bloodthirsty... wereknight!

So, not masterpieces, for sure. For those, chess.com is already filled with good stuff.

Nevertheless, quite funny blunder-full games between absolute washouts.

Let's start with a short game from year 2000.