Fair Play

Fair Play

Mar 27, 2018, 5:22 AM |

In every game I've seen and played so far you supposed to take equal starting position as your opponent - it's called fair play. Both sides are suppose to have equal chances to win the game. And then we play. Now, to score a goal and to win we need to use our skills that needs to be learned. As we know, as humans, we are not all equal in sense of intelligence. But, as Khan Academy says, you can learn anything. But, is there a limit of how much we can master some skill that we learned? Can everyone of us master a single skill 100%? If answer is positive, then all the ones who love what they do and have passion to work hard to be better at it can be best at what they do, right? If that's true, I think I just revealed the formula for success.

In games with no eventually winning prize, where you suppose to have, first of all, fun, and also to compare your skills to other's, there are still people who will do anything just to win. If you like to play video games, you'd probably see a player who's using cheat to be in a better position than you.

I played chess game versus a player which stats on Chess.com were excellent. Only wins, no losses. I was impressed by his play, but then, next day I checked that profile and it was closed due to fair play rules violation.

"Using unfair advantages against someone who thinks you are playing fairly is a terrible act", Chess.com staff has clear statement about unfair play.

I like fair play. It's fun and exciting when you play against a player which skills are at your skills level. It's challenging. It's even more challenging when you play against an opponent who's higher ranked than you. It's awarding when you win as underdog. This is why I play.

Why some people don't like fair play? I guess they want to achieve an effortlessly victory. Isn't that their pride? It's actually shame to have a full advantage that you got without any effort and to be proud of your easy win over your opponent. It's not a way to become really better player. It's laziness - you don't want to struggle.

By the way, it doesn't necessary means that a player who's cheating doesn't have a skill which is on high level. It could be just part of his personality. It could be that they like to win just to be able to trash talk to losers because they hate people. Or they could play unfair just to win so people could see how lossless they are and thus get admiration. There could be more reasons.

It's supposed to be regulated by mechanisms of justice and in this case it is done by Chess.com employees. In my profile stats there is still a loss recorded in the "daily" section and that's unfair loss which will, as they say, stay there.