to live immortal?

Feb 21, 2008, 11:12 PM |

there are many great things in life that make our life interesting.  one must think that becaue of all the different things (birds, plants, bugs, drugs, sciences, etc.) that htis world couldnt have been just created out of a bang (the big bang theory)!  that to me makes no sense at all, how call all of these things come about (birds, plants, bugs, etc.) and we as humans have the power that we have?  the power i am talking about is the power to think.... think about it, that is a strong energy.  that energy can be as simple as your brain sending signals through neurons to move your finger, or that energy can be as complicated as visuals in a dream. 

i am not doubting evolution nor am i doubting any religion...

 i talked to a very wise man and was very fortunate enough to speak with this man.  he opened my mind to this thought.... "you cant create something out of nothing you know man, but....when we as people (individuals) learn to break away from our subconscious mind and into a concious mind can something be created out of nothing.  so many people out there know nothing of the power they can aquire from thier own spirit that people just, in a way, disappear"  think about this for a while.... when one person can lose sense of being human and to control the spiritual powers within themselves, perhaps this kind of thing can happen... (the whole create something out of nothing)

i believe the only being to ever do this is god, what else could this be?

i am on a journey to find answers, and start to break away from my sub-concious in to my concious mind, for that is all the power one will ever need