2017 PRO Chess League - Alex King's Picks for Week 2!

2017 PRO Chess League - Alex King's Picks for Week 2!

NM AlexanderKing

Welcome back to the blog of National Master Alex King, where I predict each week's PRO Chess League results!

Last week (https://www.chess.com/blog/AlexanderKing/2017-pro-chess-league-alex-king-s-picks-for-week-1) I correctly predicted the results of 14 out of 24 matchups, including 3 matchups where I also correctly predicted the exact score. However I was only the second most accurate pundit (https://www.chess.com/news/view/vachier-lagrave-perfect-leads-migraines-to-week-1-victory-6860 - scroll down to spreadsheet image for full statistics).

This week I will try to learn from my mistakes, or at least make different ones!

Here are my picks for week 2:

Atlantic Division

1) Atlanta 7.5-8.5 Philadelphia - take a tour of my dark-squared dacha.

2) Buenos Aires 10-6 Patagonia - if they handled NJ, they'll have no problem with the Penguins.

3) Carolina 6.5-9.5 Columbus - with young "Christopher Columbus" leading the way.

4) Miami 9-7 New York - Filipinos are one thing; Nakamura is another.

5) Montreal 8.5-7.5 Toronto - with Li Chao saving the day again.

6) New Jersey 7-9 Montclair - although Brandon Jacobson is my favorite player ever.

Pacific Division

7) Dallas 8-8 Rio Grande - I'm still angling to correctly guess a drawn match.

8) Minnesota 9-7 Pittsburgh - the team that stays together, slays together.

9) Portland 7.5-8.5 Seattle - even though they lost worse last week.

10) San Diego 11-5 Las Vegas - this week's most convincing win in the division.

11) San Francisco 6-10 San Jose - I slept on SJ last week, and humbly ask for forgiveness.

12) St. Louis 9-7 Webster - with another standout performance from Nicky Rosenthal.

Central Division

13) Abuja 7.5-8.5 Lagos - John Fawole will like this week's prediction better than last week's!

14) Amsterdam 9-7 Apeldoorn - the Apes will be blasted into "Wouter Space".

15) Cannes 6-10 Marseilles - MVL's Najdorf is sturdier than I thought.

16) Dublin 10.5-5.5 Hamburg - the Germans are on full tilt.

17) London Towers 8.5-7.5 London Lions - with Arkell scoring 3.0/4, all in rook endings.

18) Stockholm 9-7 Reykjavik - I miscalled both of these teams last week, so...exact score?

Eastern Division

19) Belgrade 5.5-10.5 Budapest - with Budapest scoring the same as last week.

20) Delhi 10-6 Mumbai - the extra depth will count.

21) Gorky 9.5-6.5 Shymkent - and this will be the last match to finish.

22) Johannesburg 6-10 Norway - Hammer won't have to rely on auto-queen tricks this time.

23) Ljubljana 5-11 Riga - my projected division champions won't let me down!

24) Odisha 13-3 Amaravati - will I again correctly predict Odisha's exact score?

Tune in on Wednesday and see if I'm getting better or worse at this!

Alex King