Big training event of Team Ukraine: trainer Valery Voinarevich Memorial!

Big training event of Team Ukraine: trainer Valery Voinarevich Memorial!


Ukrainian chess trainer and enthusiast Valery Voinarevich was born in 1943, Kakhovka town in Kherson region. He died exactly 20 years ago on August 10th, 1999. 

Mr Voinarevich has established chess club in his native town and has been leading it for 27 years.

The most famous his student was GM Natalia Zhukova @Tashik – European Individual Champion (2000, 2015), World Blitz Champion (2012), winner of Chess Olympiad and World Team Championship.

Another his student and our team-mate – FM Nikolay Grytsenko @NikolaGry.

Nikolay shared with admins of Team Ukraine an idea to organize chess event devoted to his Teacher.

So on Saturday, 10th of August we played big Blitz Arena with prizes – Valery Voinarevich Memorial.

72 players of Team Ukraine participated, among them – 9 titled players (including GM Mikhail Golubev and GM Natalia Zhukova).

It is a pleasure for me to announce the results:

  1. 1st place: FM Leonid Starozhilov (Kherson) @leonid_starozhilov
  2. 2nd place: IM Alexey Molchanov (Zaporizhzhya) @alex_molchanov
  3. 3rd place: FM Orest Vovk (Kyiv) @orest_vovk
  4. Best player rated <2000: Hlib Burtsev (Kyiv) @gburtsev
  5. Lottery Winner: Ruslan Pronozyuk (Ternopil) @RuslanChessNutTree

Many thanks to GM Nalalia Zhukova @tashik for participating in our event and her good will to remember her first chess teacher.

Natalia played for fun a dozen blitz games and gave Master Class to some Team Ukraine players

Respect to FM Nikolay Grytsenko @NikolaGry for his idea and sponsorship of the Tournament

On photo: Team Ukraine players on Kherson region championship, from left:

FM Nikolay Gritsenko @NikolaGry, GM Evgeny Sharapov @cherepzhenya, Kostya Zaharov @kostyazaharov

Nikolay also played some good games during the event

Good job was done by FM Alexey Yarovinsky @aborigen_came who streamed the event

Congratulations to FM Leonid Starozhilov @leonid_starozhilov for winning the Tournament. 

Leonid was a leader of Team Ukraine in many Live Chess World League matches. 

That time he did his best as well.

Runner-up IM Alexey Molchanov @alex_molchanov showed a pair of bishops strength in this game against very solid players  FM Viktor Romanchuk @vova-79

FM Orest Vovk @orest_vovk has recently qualified to knockout stage of Fischer Random World Championship.

In Valery Voinarevich Memorial he performed very strong as well.

As player @obolon71 was banned next day after the tournament, the 3rd place was automatically transferred to Orest.

Hlib Burtsev @gburtsev was the best underdog in our tournament.

Rated lower 2000 on the start he`s got an impressive 13 th place accompained with 9 ttiled players.

Ruslan Pronozyuk @RuslanChessNutTree is good at chess. But he is even stronger in…checkers!

Ruslan deserved his good luck in lottery as a good team player who regularly attends our matches and events.

 The tournament was a general repetition of Team Ukraine before LCWL match versus Team France.

So our mood and readiness for battle were perfect and it gave a decent results.

But about Team Ukraine – Team France match you can read in my next blogpost – Review of Week 4 in Live Chess World League!