Cheating or Bad Sportsmanship?!

Cheating or Bad Sportsmanship?!


Hi everyone!

Since I cannot share with you my games I have played today, I would like to tell you about the situation that happened to me during one of the games.
My opponent has an extra pawn, and the position is most likely winning for him. But finding a win is not so easy, especially since we both have only 15 seconds on the clock (with 10 seconds increment for each move). My opponent decides to cheat (?) by repeating moves. After 4-5 repetitions, I offer a draw, but there is no answer. Having repeated the position 3 more times, I again offer a draw, but I get a refusal. And then I understand that my opponent is simply increasing his time on the clock. The arbiter was not around and it was impossible to claim a draw.
I understand that it was also my fault. It would be correct to stop the clock and call the arbiter after three repetitions. But I was even curious to what extent my opponent would have the audacity to repeat moves. After probably 15 repetitions, I finally called the arbiter, and of course at that moment my opponent made another move.
As a result, I lost this game. I was not so upset about the result as I was about the behavior of my opponent. How would you describe it? Cheating or just a bad sportsmanship ?! Whatever you call it, I don't recommend doing that. It leaves a very unpleasant impression about the player...

So, this was the second day of the Igor Kurnosov Memorial. 9 games have already been played, and tomorrow will be the last day of this rapid chess tournament (11 rounds in total). Unfortunately, I cannot tell anything good about my results, since I have only 3.5 points out of 9. But I will try to do my best tomorrow in the last two rounds .

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Live games:

Below you'll find some pics from the second day. Thank you very much for reading and see you in my next blog post! 

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Playing on the Board No.100 :-)
Waiting for the next round to start.
Round No.9 is in progress.

Chess Souvenirs
Sleepy me :-)