Igor Kurnosov Memorial 2021

Igor Kurnosov Memorial 2021


Hi everyone!

And here I am again at the chessboard, at the real one!
Yesterday afternoon we arrived in Chelyabinsk (Russia) to participate in two chess tournaments: the Igor Kurnosov Memorial and the Alexander Panchenko Memorial. This time I am traveling not alone, but with two fellow chess players from Kyrgyzstan.
The Kurnosov Memorial started first. It is an open rapid tournament with more than 250 participants. Just look at the number of Grandmasters taking part in the event! 

Link to chess-results:

Information about Igor Kurnosov:

What a pity that I cannot show you the games I played today (players do not need to record the moves), but I am sharing with you a link to the tournament on the website, where you can follow the games being played on the first boards:

Live games:

I hope this tournament will be good preparation (warm-up) for the main one, which starts on September 13th.

Few more details: this is my first time playing in Chelyabinsk, although many tournaments with the strongest composition of participants are held here every year. The last time I played in Russia (it was in Moscow) was back in 2002!

Below you'll find some pics from the first day. Thank you very much for reading and see you in my next blog post!

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Landing in Chelyabinsk
Opening Ceremony
Main playing hall
Safety first
It's me! ;-)
Top Boards
High cuisine
Chess is everywhere
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