Introducing the OutpostChess Platform!

Introducing the OutpostChess Platform!

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Hey everyone! happy

In this blog post, I’d love to introduce you to the OutpostChess Platform - OutpostChess Platform!

Additionally, I am pleased to announce that I have been named one of its official Ambassadors. I am extremely grateful to the founders of the OutpostChess Platform, particularly WIM, IA, FI Lena Miladinovic, for this opportunity! blitz

So, what is OutpostChess all about? 

OutpostChess is essentially a LinkedIn for Chess People. It provides a platform where you can create a unique profile to increase your visibility in the chess world and even monetize your chess career!

With the help of OutpostChess, you can easily find Chess Clubs and Tournaments, or alternatively, allow organizers to discover YOU and connect directly through the platform! clubsdraw 

Moreover, you can connect with players, arbiters, coaches, and more. Outpost Chess also serves as a tournament organizer, having arranged both online and over-the-board tournaments with cash prizes!

By the way, the next online tournament is scheduled for March 24th here on, and registration is exclusively available via the OutpostChess Platform!


Whether you're an experienced chess player or new to the game, OutpostChess provides an invaluable platform to advance your chess journey! Sign up for free and gain access to a world of opportunities to connect, compete, and grow as a chess player!

Signup for free at: OutpostChess Platform

Follow me on the Platform, and I'll definitely follow you back! wink

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