Panchenko Memorial 2021, Day 2: Draw again.

Panchenko Memorial 2021, Day 2: Draw again.


Hi again!
In order not to postpone writing a blog post indefinitely, I decided to share with you the game of the second round immediately. My opponent in this round was a chess player from Uzbekistan, WIM Yakubbaeva Nilufar, whose rating is 2314.
I will tell right away that I made a draw, but I also had an advantage in today's game. Even though I didn’t manage to win again, I’m still happy with my game and how I played the English opening.

So, there are still 8 rounds ahead. My opponent in the 3rd round will be a chess player from Russia Nur-Mukhametova Alisa, whose rating is 2170. But I will be preparing for the game tomorrow.
I still have a little cold and it makes it difficult to play. But the worst, I think, has already passed.
The weather promises to be warm tomorrow, after which the temperature in Chelyabinsk will drop by 10-15 degrees. Therefore, my plan is to use this last warm day for a walk around the city. That's all for today.

Thank you very much for reading and see you in my next blog post! 

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Little walk.
My today's board.