Panchenko Memorial 2021 starts today!

Panchenko Memorial 2021 starts today!


Hi everyone!

The rapid tournament "Kurnosov Memorial 2021" ended yesterday and I'd like to briefly share the results of this event. My third day, on which there were only 2 games left to play, was more successful. I scored 1.5 points. However, it still did not save me from losing a large number of rating points. As a result, 5 points out of 11; rating performance 1706 and almost -59 lost rating points . I'm trying not to get stuck on this, but rather get psyched up for a classical tournament which starts today. I better sum up the results of both competitions at the end of this trip.
You can check the final results of the tournament by following the link:

The rest of my free time yesterday I spent doing shopping, but this is unlikely to be interesting to you

Small souvenir

So, the Alexander Panchenko Memorial 2021 starts today. The Memorial is also considered to be the Stage of the 2021 Russian Chess Cup Competition among men and women. It is a 10 round swiss tournament with classical time format being held from 13th to 21st September 2021.

Link to Tournament A (Open):

Link to Tournament B (Women):

Information about the chess player:

Panchenko: Theory and practice of the middlegame

You can follow LIVE games here:

Open Tournament:

Women's Tournament:

Calm before the storm

This is all my news. Please wish me luck and don't miss my next blog post!

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