Win a chess game in 4 moves

I actually found out about this trick when one of the other chess team members used it on me. I call it the "4-hitter-quitter". You can preform it by following these steps:

If you are black:

  • move the pawn in front of u'r king up one space(E7-E6)
  • then move the king side bishop to C5
  • move ur queen from D8 to F6
  • then move ur queen from F6 to F2

   if done correctly, it should be checkmate.

If you are white:

  • move the pawn in front of the king up one space(D2-D3)
  • then move ur king side bishop to C4
  • move ur queen to F3
  • then move ur queen to F7

If done correctly it should be checkmate.


  • 9 years ago


    thank you mr. know-it-all. i would have never known that. and you act like i dont take opponents moves into account.
  • 9 years ago


    it's referred to in the game as fools mate
  • 9 years ago


    First of all, you can move either pawn(Black or white KP) 2 squares if you want to, and your notation for white is E2-E3, not D2-D3. Another thing, this rarely works against anyone who isn't a 2-day-old beginner,you have to take your opponents moves into account.

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