Advanced 4 times!

Feb 5, 2009, 6:07 AM |

The 4 tournament round 2 has just started 3 day's after the 2th theme tournament The Sicilian Opening where i am playing in also, and to me everything is my first time in chess.  But I had never expected to advance in the tournaments cause i didn't play much chess in my life,i'd started playing chess at older age,not to long ago and really enjoy it more and more and play chess even more as well. Now i didn''t know any chess opening at all,all i knew were the pieces and their actions,and alot i'ved learned beyond that, i did online with I have a little problem to deal with the fact that I'd advanced now 4 times and some rounds are almost finished and in the meantime i'll have to play in several tournaments,and don't know how to deal with that,the games are becoming much tougher and harder to deal with..huh,,,but i am in and have to go for it,prayers for me and i'll promise to fight to the last or the

God bless chess!