Bobby Fisher Random Chess960.

Dec 15, 2009, 3:23 PM |

Chess960 or Fischer Random Chess is a chess variant invented by former World ChampionBobby Fischer by modifying the rules of Shuffle Chess so that castling possibilities exist for all starting positions. The chess variant emphasizes creativity and talent instead of memorization and analysis of opening moves by using a randomized initial chess position. The name 'Chess960' is due to the 960 possible initial positions.



Before the game a starting position is randomly set up, subject to certain rules. After this, the game is played in the same way as standard chess. In particular, pieces and pawns have their normal moves, and each player's objective is to checkmate the opponent's king.

The starting position for Chess960 must meet certain rules. White pawns are placed on the second rank as in regular chess. All remaining white pieces are placed randomly on the first rank, but with the following restrictions:

  • The king is placed somewhere between the two rooks.
  • The bishops are placed on opposite-colored squares.

The black pieces are placed equal-and-opposite to the white pieces. For example, if the white king is placed on f1, then the black king is placed on f8. Note that the king never starts on file a or h, because there would be no room for a rook.