Defeat the

Nov 7, 2008, 8:07 PM |

Hello guy's here he is again. (with the same old story.)

I'd tryed it again to play against the computer during a technical break.

3 games and believe it or not.

1. The first game any other chess player should have finish that one with a win, but i played to fast in the wrong following order of moves,, and let it go.

2. The seccond game i just mis played the Queen, i'd tryed to dragg the Queen on to the right spot, oops! it slipped of my hand on to the wrong spot, then i give up the game.

3. The 3th. attempt let me discover that i am missing the highlevel skill to take time to finish a game. (tactical trainings ???) i don't know!

The only thing that i would like to say, is that there is a chance to win the chess computer, and that you really don't have to be a GM or great chessplayer to win.

If you don't believe it,,, challenge me, i do not know other moves so you can discover how i'd come to this conclution...

Chessgame is one of the greatest tactical games excist.( i am a draughts player)

that is shaping his self without any influence from outside, only to become a good chess player, and just to do not getting confused.

My favorite game today is the chessgame, (and tomorow ?) we'll see.

Have a nice time and stay sharp# & well>alert.