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Character Development.

Character Development.

May 23, 2014, 10:03 AM 0

Westeros delivers a spinning tale of tragedy to the eldest remaining heir to Winterfell. Sansa Stark was that girl, who without her father Edard was out of place. It took some time to realise the facts behind Cerci's observation of a true beauty being hidden up north. Her blindness towards the inner scopes of those around her in King's Landing allows a lack of empathy towards scenes where tears fall from her eyes. Yet, she did receive a knod of recognition of her own strength, as she continued to survive standing alone in the midsts of devious minds with mischevious plots.

I especially enjoyed her grips on hope for her rescue by her brother, Rob. The boy Joff, in his boasting about condeming her father to execution led him to overexaggerate his ability to place her rebellious brother's head on a pike. She stirnly exclaimed that " or maybe he'll give me yours!" Whew!; what a remarkable statement to say to someone that clearly is upsetting you now and has repeatedly done. As new ideas are brought to conciousness she delivers astonishing reaction to them.

During the battle of the Blackwater, she again finds herself in the midst of Cerci. A experienced woman in the game for conquest. Cerci informes her, "that tears are not the only weapon a woman has. the best one is between her legs." I know, such a direct remark. But, as soon as she hears this, Sansa, being the virgin that she is immediately puts a cup of wine to her lips and ingests it. Ha!; I'd probably do the same in finding out that a deed that I am unfamiliar in doing is a definitive act to obtaining my desires, probably. 

She finally gives her comments on her position. "the truth is usually very terrible or boring." Obviously she can admit that the events in her life are grievous, however they can be placed out of thought in hopes of a brighter future. An applausing moment explaining a workable method to crisis, which can make or break a person.

When finally given the proper space and surroundings to mature into herself; Sansa excels while thinking deeply into the future with a blank canvas, which is needed more than speaking to someone with no accounts towards sharing the same reflection. Distinguished in the snow covered court yard, she creates a memory of her castle home; and shows her need to smack anyone who attempts to destroy it again. Wonderful symbolism in that scene, on how she is developing into an ever changing world..

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