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"Signs" to the mix.

"Signs" to the mix.

Oct 13, 2012, 1:23 PM 0

I have read off of Facebook, and other media websites of an effort by CNN to compete in television ratings during the primetime hour, (7p/est).  They hoped to achieve this with the signing of former CNBC’s “Street Signs” anchor, Erin Burnett. The project, that she collaborated on with producers, would add a mix to the current male dominated evening schedule.

Yesterday, the show aired for the first time. It is titled Erin Burnett “OutFront.” I took the time out to view it. Just as advertised the layout of the show mixed political, international, and local news with the financial sector updates. One story hit me directly. The ongoing protest in New York, and its expansion throughout the nation. Most televised shows mention it as well. Erin Burnett went down and interviewed a diverse selection of those in attendance. A comment she made after one particular chat was, ” You have to know what is wrong, if you are to fix it.” A phrase no American is stranger to hearing.

I am a bit unfamiliar on how they tally the ratings for television show. If they send out a poll to the public I would cast a supporting vote for the shows continuation.

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