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Kronos Reigns Supreme

Kronos Reigns Supreme

Apr 16, 2015, 7:01 PM 2

Yeah sure, Zeus "defeated Kronos", but really what happened?

The Titan lord could've destroyed them and imprisoned them in Tartarus, by stopping time, so they couldn't defend themselves. Maybe, just maybe, he had a little mercy. Na, just kidding! But still, if we had to swallow our kids so we could be king of the universe forever, all of us would do it. Back on topic now. It was all part of a bigger plan for world control. Wasn't the age when Kronos ruled called, the GOLDEN AGE? His scythe was destroyed right? "Lost to the depths of time" you may say. Not so fast! His golden scythe was cranium, a mysterious metal that was indestructible. Cranium also, if wished by the master, can make the person who touched it feel as if they were thrown into the River Styx, and mercilessly thrown into a fire while drowning and being mocked. It was living death for gods, and for mortals, I can't say what, it's too rated R. It was forged in the fires of Tartar Sauce, no just kidding, Tartarus, and hammered into shape by the screams of torture, agony, death, and fear. Pretty dark huh? To be continued. . .

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