Me & chess

Feb 11, 2013, 7:37 AM |

I've start playing chess at not a such a young age as most other players but I was lucky enough to be taught by someone very much like me that understood completely my type of play. During a few years we played thousands of games (i think) and we focused on getting me better. At one time I was a member of a chess club here in Romania but something didn't quite worked...the teachers there were not that happy about my style of play and they tried unsuccessfully to change my play. So I left the club and only played chess with my friends since then.

I really, really hate standard openings, following lines that were played by grandmasters and all as most people do; I find those games extremely boring. If I don't leave the table happy then the time spent over the table would be a lost time for me. I like playing new variations and situations that could change the fate of the game in a heartbeat, that is where all the fun is :)

Sometimes I make so stupid mistakes that I'm left totally speechless, and sometimes I enjoy the game so much that I wouldn't want it to end...

I like putting my knights into play early in the game because they can do a lot of damage and prevent my opponent's pieces development but the pieces I like most are my bishops, which are "my destroyers" :)

I've been lucky enough to get married with a man that is a very strong opponent in our games and I learned a lot from him. From 5 games I hardly manage to get 2, sometimes 2 and a half, but that works my brain off way too much :))

I would also want to send a big thank you to a good friend I made here for still playing a game with me (and for remembering me) even if he finds my knights a pain in the back :)

This would be a bit about me, so thank you for taking the time to get to know me!