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Children from Franklin County Use Chess for Assignment Help

Children from Franklin County Use Chess for Assignment Help

Apr 10, 2017, 1:22 AM 0

Chess has originated in India more than 1, 500 years ago and is now played by millions of people worldwide, but until several years ago it remained unknown to the people of Franklin County in Mississippi. A few of them have played chess once, many couldn’t tell the difference between checkers and chess. A chess board seemed to be as rare in this area as a skyscraper. The situation in the county changed only with the arrival of a tall strange man from Memphis, who brought chess to the region with the idea that chess could change the community. Now, several years later, the citizens are experiencing a chess boom. Dr. Jeff Burlington started to teach the children of Franklin County chess and it became a new subject at school.

A rich benefactor, who prefers to be anonymous, has sent Jeff Burlington to this county. Being a witness of the success of Burlington's chess medalists in Memphis, he wondered if the game could make a difference in the country. The benefactor convicted Jeff of leaving the city for Franklin and signing a 10-year contract. The challenge of teaching kids who have never played chess motivated Burlington to get to work. However Jeff has never been a world chess champion or anything of that kind, but he is a real professional at teaching beginners. He adopts fairy tales and creates narratives to teach moves.

Kids adore Burlington because he has the same background. He spent his childhood in poor Indiana. It is said that county kids are not that clever and can’t learn chess. Jeff Bullington together with pupils showed them different. Jeff Burlington feels that children from rural counties are underestimated. With the help of Burlington, children opened a new world. Using a chess board, he teaches them history, geography, science, math etc. Moreover, as the children make a progress in playing chess, their general performance and school grades get higher. Most of the students don’t need online assignment help anymore.

The chess center has turned into a beam of hope in the County. Every day a lot of kids driven by the desire to learn more run after school to their chess master where they receive new instructions and lessons. Even when the classes finish, kids go home and continue playing chess...

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